Jurdes 19, 5677

What trip through Torheem would be complete without a visit to Torham’s Point? One of the best-known ancient tales tells of Great King Turos the Mighty beginning his journey to the throne on this large island in the center of the inlet to the Toram River. Although many variations of the tale now spread through the world, all mention the death of the elder brother of Turos on this island, and Turos’ escape with the aid of the Lunari. What truly happened depends on who tells the story.

The eastern end of the island is a tall cliff that drops straight down to the crashing waves of the sea. The story is that Turos either fell or jumped off this cliff, and a Lunari carried him out to sea. He disappeared until years later. I’ve always wondered why the Lunari would assist someone accused of murdering his brother, but my place is not to question their involvement in such scandals. Besides, some of the tales claim Turos’ brother died of natural causes, and the Lunari saved Turos from a band of brigands. The story has so many variations that it’s best to decide which I like best, and stick to that version.

We visited Torham’s Point today. It takes a day to sail across the inlet to the island, and then a three-day trek to the point. The entire experience is a guided tour, so it wasn’t just the three of us. When we finally reached the point today, I’ll admit to not being very impressed. What’s there to see other than open sea to the east and grasslands with patches of trees to the west? There is some wildlife, but the island is hardly more than a large tourist preserve. Pelmarco threatened to jump off the cliff, but decided he probably wouldn’t get the same assistance by the Lunari as they gave to Turos. I wonder if Elendra’Tel would be able to see anything we can’t see here. Perhaps there are Lunari markings all over the place.

Tomorrow we’ll turn around and head back to Torheem.