Jurdes 18, 5678

We found the ruins of a watchtower atop one of the hills on this side of the small range dividing the Icavor River from the Toram River. This find was partly because I heard it mentioned in the folklore at Japuta, but also because the ruins are quite conspicuous and easy to find. The ruins easily dated to around four hundred years ago because we found an inscription bearing the name of the First Great King Markolo who reigned back then. I distinctly recalled this because my schoolteacher always instructed the class not to confuse the name Markolo with Markay, Markome or Markaris, cursed forever be the name. There have been so many Great Kings throughout history, that sometimes I wish there was an easier way to keep track of them than just by the name.

We investigated the ruins. From a distance, the watchtower appears intact, but closer inspection reveals it is mostly just a crumbling wall surrounding a stone floor. However, the folklore from Japuta mentioned a haunted room in the ruins, and said people who enter the room or stay the night in the ruins are never the same again. We found the room, which was actually an underground chamber at the bottom of a small staircase along one side of the floor. There was nothing inside. I think if anything remained after this tower ceased to be used, it was carried off centuries ago.

We’re spending the night in the ruins. There is nothing here to fear, and the remains of the wall should protect us from the storm gathering on the horizon. Dawn managed to kill a deer for us to eat, while Niahla’Sen and I prepared a shelter and gathered firewood. It’s too bad nothing unusual is among the tower ruins. It would be interesting to find out what gave birth to the rumors and lore we heard at Japuta. Niahla’Sen doesn’t think it was anything more than a wild animal someone saw long ago, perhaps the same type of thing fueling the ice monster rumors in that town.