Jurdes 14, 5677

Torheem is an ancient city, perhaps the oldest in this land. At the height of Nazada’s power, Torheem was where every army of the Great Kings arrived in Etnyben, and from here marched southwest toward Nazada. After the white plague, I have no doubt Torheem was among the first cities repopulated. Many of the older structures no longer remain, but the city consistently rebuilds or renovates old structures as if it were an attempt to retain the city’s ancient heritage. We arrived at Torheem today after leaving the telefs west of the city. Aside from Mo’Amu and the telef Pelmarco rides, the others are becoming downright unmanageable.

Pelmarco and I went to a tavern tonight while Niahla’Sen decided to visit a library. I think she said something about needing to do some research in a secret archive. I wonder if it has anything to do with Tora’Sor, but there’s no way Niahla’Sen would tell me. At the tavern, Pelmarco had a warm welcome. It seems many of the people living in Torheem are former soldiers or the descendants of former soldiers, and no doubt hold the Red Exemplars in high esteem. We didn’t meet any former Red Exemplars, and no one knew of any that lived in Torheem. Since we traveled from Sehol to Forada in a mere two months, and took less than three months from Forada to Torheem, we have the most recent news from those cities to reach Torheem. The usual trip would take at least three months from Sehol to Forada, and five from there to Torheem. Too bad for the people of Torheem, we didn’t stay at either city long enough to catch up on much news.

Late tonight, someone rushed into the tavern shouting that the city was under attack by strange monsters. After we calmed the man, he explained that someone saw some massive beasts knocking down trees west of the city. Pelmarco and I started laughing. No one in Torheem has seen a telef before, so the sight of the massive beasts was enough to incite a minor panic. We had to explain that the telefs are mostly harmless and just doing what they do best: knocking down trees.