Hildes 3, 5678

We no longer have any of the sharp-toothed deer following us. It’s also been several days since I last saw any of the woody plants they like to eat. Yesterday, however, we did find the body of one of the deer, or what remained after something ate it. Since the only tracks we found nearby were from other deer, Niahla’Sen thinks it was eaten by its own kind; a frightening prospect when considering the possibilities of predatorial deer. That was the last we saw of the deer, and I hope it stays that way. If they’re able and willing to eat their own kind when they can’t get their usual food, what’s to stop them from eating us too?

We waded across a small river today. It’s nothing unusual since we cross rivers fairly often, but today’s crossing was more dramatic and traumatic than usual. Dawn had a minor scratch on her leg from a branch, and neglected to think anything of it. When we crossed the river, the unnoticed scratch was still bleeding just enough to send the spoonfish into a raging frenzy. The small, ravenous monsters quickly attacked, sinking their gaping mouthfuls of razor-sharp teeth into our legs. Niahla’Sen used her powers almost immediately to push away the water and the fish, much in the same way the Sisterhood operatives created a bubble in the waters of Lake Icavor, but it was too late. We managed to cross the river, but needed to dress numerous small wounds once we reached the shore. We also need new clothes when we finally reach a town since what we’re wearing was chewed quite thoroughly. Niahla’Sen said the next time we need to cross a river she’ll use her powers to freeze the surface so we can cross safely on solid ice.

We didn’t travel too far today after our fiasco in the river, so Niahla’Sen took the time this afternoon to cook a stew. She claims she’s tired of eating the same whatever we roast over the campfire each day. I told her she was fortunate not to be with us while we had Rar and Krista’Mil looking for food. When I described some of the obscure meals, Niahla’Sen appeared utterly horrified at the thought that anyone would eat such things. Dawn was less concerned, and merely said hunger can lead to strange behavior.