Hildes 13, 5678

Traveling with wounds obtained while wading through a spoonfish feeding frenzy is painful. It’s been ten days since the spoonfish attacked while we crossed a river, but we’re still recovering. While none of the fish managed to bite large chunks out of us, there were still quite a few lacerations and cuts to deal with. We bandaged them well, but when traveling, those wounds tend to chafe by the end of the day. I can only imagine how much worse it would be riding a horse or a telef. Niahla’Sen doesn’t have any pain medicine with her, but said she’d make some as soon as she found the right ingredients. I think her medicines are for minor injuries and illnesses, unlike Elendra’Tel’s medicines, which were much better for the worst cases imaginable.

Dawn started collecting a few items along the way today, including plants, clay, and a few animal byproducts. She said the items would help her make pictures. I think she means they are the components of the paints she will use when we get to the Huvudet cave. I know we’re getting close to the cave, and are probably only a few weeks away. The environment in this region is somewhat similar to what we experienced the last time we passed through that area. Considering how Dawn predicted two months ago that we’d get there at the beginning of next month, I’m pretty impressed in her accuracy thus far. What I’m curious to know is how she is able to be so certain about it. Perhaps there is a power in the cave that causes Huvudets to be acutely aware of their distance from it. Niahla’Sen saw some of the pictures Dawn has drawn and heard the tales we’ve told about the cave, and is quite interested in seeing it for herself.