Hildes 12, 5677

I’m not sure if there’s anything amazing about Mazin or not. It’s a decent town, contains plenty of shops, taverns, and inns, but otherwise appears very quiet, as if nothing exciting ever happens here. I believe it’s also the southernmost town we’ll come across before Nazada, although Nazada isn’t a town anymore, just a pile of ruins, or so we’re told.

Pelmarco said he’s been in Mazin before, but only once, and it was a long time ago. He didn’t give many details, but I have the feeling he didn’t like his previous stay here.

We plan to spend two days in Mazin since we need to stock up on clothing to wear in the cold Antarctic terrain. We also need to obtain coverings to keep the horses warm, food, and anything else we might need for a long, arduous trek through uncharted frozen wastelands. I had to use my letter of endorsement to requisition some of the items. It seems the prevailing rumor is we will not survive more than a few days in the cold, so whoever decides to follow us can ransack our corpses and steal all our goods. I hope to prove them wrong. I’d rather leave a town of folk unhappy over my survival than to die for their benefit.

I don’t think we’ve passed through a single town that didn’t have a tavern, and as usual, Pelmarco always makes sure we vist the tavern our first night there. He purchased some strange drinks for us. They tasted decent, but the flavor was different from anything I am accustomed to drinking. Niahla’Sen suggested I record exactly what drinks I consume, so if I ever have a reaction as I did at Perduva Gog, I will know what caused it. I don’t expect I’ll take her advice. If I do record anything I eat or drink at a tavern, it will have to be something remarkably significant or different from what one might find in any other tavern throughout the world.