Falil 30, 5679

Kar and Tezar are quite knowledgeable with jungle lore, mythology, and history. Intriguing characters, places, and events make up the stories they tell as we travel. Some of the stories are outlandish, while others are very believable. More than a few upset Dawn with their negativity toward the Huvudets.

One of the stories mentioned a road from Razhinoch to the land of the Huvudets west of the jungle. They supposedly built the road after the first encounter between the two civilizations, with both sides reassuring the other of peaceful and prosperous coexistence. Such cooperation was not to last, however, and numerous altercations marred the plans even before construction of the road was completed.

Kar believes it might be possible to find portions of the road if one searched hard enough, but Tezar disagreed. Hundreds of years’ worth of jungle growth after its abandonment no doubt has it buried forever. What they do agree about is the building of the road was the event that resulted in the conversion of the well of Razhinoch into the staircase into the cave from which we rescued Tora’Sor. Huvudets, for some unknown reason, were using the road to visit the well. It was they, according to the Razhinoch legends, who excavated the well into the cavernous staircase. It didn’t happen overnight, however, and there were probably quite a few diplomatic discourses to attempt dissuading the Huvudets from aiding the unseen enemies from the well. It was the failure of these negotiations that ultimately resulted in a great battle, and the closure of the road.

Dawn keeps asking what good things the Huvudets have done for Razhinoch, but Kar and Tezar can’t suggest many things other than random acts of assistance when people and Huvudets have a chance encounter. Such encounters, according to Kar, are rare and more likely to result in violence than kindness. In fact, Dawn is the first Huvudet either of them has actually seen.