Falil 25, 5679

The two villagers who are escorting us from Razhinoch to the edge of the jungle are Kar and Tezar. Prior to our arrival several days ago, neither of them knew what a horse was. Now we need to teach them how to ride horses as they safely lead us from the jungle. As before, the villagers gave their customary farewells by lining up and hugging each of us one by one. At least this time we expected the two villagers to leave with us.

I expect this trek through the jungle to be somewhat uneventful. We’re following the path burned by Niahla’Sen, so as long as we don’t come across anywhere that’s flooded or become overgrown since we last passed, we should be fine. She couldn’t burn the path again since she’s still recovering her arcane powers after mixing the recipe that allowed us to infiltrate the underground kingdom and free Tora’Sor, but Tora’Sor is perfectly capable of using her own arcane powers to do the same thing. We also have two guides, and more or less know what is safe for us to eat. If anything bad should happen to us, it’s beyond our control.

We told Tora’Sor of the scandal caused by the Great King reading my journal, and she wants to provide new information to explain the record. The link with the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar is true, but blame falls to the Huvudets who directed Purishi’Kan to Razhinoch over sixteen centuries ago. With this news, Dawn disavowed any association with Dusk.

Back in those days, it was a well instead of a cave, and the villagers told of people disappearing when they went for water. Purishi’Kan went to investigate, and that was when the Dark Lunari captured and abused her. If the Huvudets hadn’t intervened and sent her to Razhinoch, Purishi’Kan planned to find a volcano to dispose of a longevity potion she sought to destroy. Tora’Sor said that blaming the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar for the Dark Magicians is the same as blaming Purishi’Kan for the horrors the Dark Lunari made her suffer. Blame the Huvudets or prophecy, but don’t blame the victim.