Falil 22, 5679

Niahla’Sen spent last night making the recipe. It turns out the final ingredient was the essence of her arcane power, the same purplish substance used to save Methou’s life. Since adding this to the potion drained her, she had to remain in Razhinoch. Dawn and I each carried a small jar of the potion for Tora’Sor.

Our descent into the cave started as one would expect at any cave. The Red Exemplars went first, with Dawn and me behind them. The three Lunari guarded the entrance, and did not follow us. We followed the staircase down into the darkness. It continued unswerving for several minutes, before we reached a great door at the bottom. It opened easily. Whoever built it was not expecting visitors today. Beyond the doors, there was no need for torches. It appeared to be a large chamber, filled with a heavy fog and an uncanny light. We could see, but the fog made it difficult to see any significant distance.

With no idea where we’d find Tora’Sor, we continued along a path through the middle of the cave. A heavily armed man on a horse finally approached. His helmet hid his face, and he demanded to know our purpose. Pelmarco soon had him unhorsed, and demanded he tell us where to find Tora’Sor. The information we received was valid, but the man gave a loud shout before Pelmarco could drive a sword through his throat. As we raced through the place to get Tora’Sor, we could hear horses and soldiers far in the distance. After about an hour, we found Tora’Sor, gave her the potion, and began our return toward the entrance to the place.

It was a battle to leave the cave, with horsemen bearing down on us from all sides. Dawn and I rushed Tora’Sor up the stairs while the Red Exemplars fought off the enemy behind us. At the top, the Lunari told us to get behind them and cover our faces. We did as instructed, but Pelmarco and two other Red Exemplars continued to fight at the top of the staircase.

I do not know what happened, but a brilliant flash filled the sky. When I finally looked, everything was bare and burning, and only the power of Zhethou kept us and Razhinoch unharmed. Two Lunari and three Red Exemplars perished to rescue Tora’Sor.