Falil 21, 5679

Razhinoch welcomes us, although there were questions about why Rar was not with us, and why we brought so many soldiers to the village. When I told how Rar spoke to Zhethou, and the things she told him, the chief rejoiced in his son’s fortune. The villagers weren’t too happy to meet Dawn, however, and it took us even longer to explain her presence before they would even let her through their outer perimeter. The chief explained they’ve had previous encounters with Huvudets, and most of them were not very amicable. However, since Dawn never met another of her kind, they decided to overlook her differences.

Once the village permitted us to enter and remain in the vicinity, we then had much to do. First, we needed to clear a wide area so it would be safe for the horses to spend the night. Although we’ve been doing this every night for the past month and a half, it’s still a difficult chore, especially since they’ll need food for the entire time we’re here.

Further complicating things, three Lunari appeared in Razhinoch tonight. Zhethou, Methou, and Fethashel know what we plan to do. They will not stop us, but neither will they assist us. Rather, they know the circumstances of our attempt to free Tora’Sor, and came to protect Razhinoch from uncertainties we cannot anticipate. They also told Niahla’Sen to tell the rest of us what she was planning. Apparently, she doesn’t trust Purishi’Kan to successfully deliver the potion or the recipe, and expects any attempt would be thwarted by a dark power. Instead, she plans to make enough for all the Red Exemplars, and have them enter the cave, find Tora’Sor, and bring her back to us. That is why she collected the ingredients in such large quantities. Also, Pelmarco apparently knew about the plan, or part of it, which is the actual reason he brought the Red Exemplars west from Torheem. I guess Zhethou paid him a visit while the other Lunari were saving us from the Dark Lunari. Is that why Methou gave us the new recipe?

The Red Exemplars are to enter the cave tomorrow. Dawn and I will join them. Niahla’Sen said she would be unable to assist us. Kellon demanded we leave him behind. Coward!