Falil 2, 5678

Dawn keeps watching when I write in my journal, and finally asked what I was doing. I explained that I was keeping a record of my journey through this land. She asked if she could read what I’ve already written, so I reluctantly agreed, and handed her the parchments. Her reading and writing skills are rudimentary at best, so it took her awhile. When she reached the page where I mentioned finding a campfire near Yaratuk, she acknowledged that it was hers. I just happened to surprise her, so she hid and kept her distance after that. She also noticed that we saw her footprints several times on the way to Nazada. She was curious if I inadvertently mentioned her presence in the earlier portion of my journal that I sent with Elendra’Tel and Krista’Mil to Atalan, but it would be difficult to remember anything specific without those pages in hand.

One of the pages in my journal is a copy of a page I wrote long ago so I would retain a copy of the information as instructed when I sent the rest of my journal to Atalan. This page included the six circular glyphs that Tora’Sor demanded I record and memorize. Since Dawn is quite skilled at using pictures to send messages, she found this page intriguing. She immediately recognized that it was a recipe, but she could not determine its purpose. Perhaps someday I’ll tell her. She also figured out the different components of the recipe, and couldn’t determine why anyone would mix together such unappetizing items. Dawn admitted the final glyph was rather difficult. She thinks she knows what it is, but refuses to tell until she’s certain. What I do know is that something about the glyph made her indirectly think of Nazada. While the prospect of being able to free Tora’Sor is nice, I hope we don’t need to go back to Nazada.

Niahla’Sen took the news about the glyph rather easily. In fact, she seemed indifferent. Either Niahla’Sen doesn’t think Dawn could know the meaning of the glyph, considers it impossible to obtain the unknown ingredient, or she just doesn’t like Tora’Sor. Maybe I shouldn’t have told her.