Dolthe 6, 5678

I am starting to understand the pictoral method Grrerrgkzh uses to communicate. It was interesting when I first tried to draw something. Grrerrgkzh wiped away my picture, and redrew it better. The ice monster is obviously trying to teach me its language, and I no longer doubt their intelligence as I did when I saw the monsters on Mekender. I think Dawn and I both managed to tell it our stories, but we’re not sure how much it understood.

However, Grrerrgkzh then began to draw its story. There once were many ice monsters living here, but now only Grrerrgkzh is left. As Dawn once did, it wants to know more of his kind, but does not know where they are.

I decided to help Grrerrgkzh, and drew a large circle representing the world, adding in the different lands with the mountains and rivers that I know. With Grrerrgkzh at the bottom, and others of its kind at the top in Mekender, I think it now realizes it needs to travel very far to find others like him. I’ll need to ask Dawn how she and I can escape this place without horses if Grrerrgkzh decides to leave in search of its kind.

With my broken rib on the mend, I am now able to walk without much pain. Grrerrgkzh decided to give me a tour of its cave. The cave is actually an extensive cavern with many chambers. In some places, piles of bones create an eerie feeling. Paintings on the walls depict all sorts of scenes, some of which are so obscure I doubt Dawn can even understand them. I also learned what happened to all the Lunari fires from the encampment. After the defeat of the Dark Lunari Mathol, the remaining ice monsters brought many of the fires here. They warm and light the caverns. I am surprised to learn the ice monsters actually do need the warmth to survive in their native environment despite their long, shaggy fur.