Dolthe 25, 5679

Our time in Kaluna is more work than play. Because we need to take elada plants with us to Razhinoch, we need to prepare them for transportation. Niahla’Sen acquired a hundred of the plants from a local farmer, and Pelmarco purchased pots for each of the plants. The Red Exemplars modified their saddles to hold a potted plant on each side. Dawn and I extracted the juices from the dulareng roots collected throughout the past month. This involves mashing the roots on a large stone, and letting the liquids run down a groove into a trough. Niahla’Sen purchased the other items she’ll need. I asked her how they make spoonfish oil, but she refused to explain the process to me.

The people of Kaluna held a feast in our honor tonight. The food was good, and consisted of tender cuts of arvdil and very fresh produce, along with a wide selection of other dishes and desserts. The entertainment was entertaining, and after the meal, there was some dancing. A woman named Bara’Ser asked me to dance, and unlike at Perduva, I accepted since I had no excuse to refuse. I didn’t think anything of it until Niahla’Sen, who was dancing with Pelmarco, found me in the crowd. She bumped into me to get my attention, and pointed at Dawn, who was sitting along the sidelines, glaring at me with her arms crossed. From then on, the evening was very awkward for me.

By the time I was able to go talk to her, Dawn’s father said she’d already returned to our camp for the night. He said she seemed very perturbed, but he wasn’t sure why. The rest of us aren’t too sure either, but Niahla’Sen plans to talk to Dawn and find out. She thinks Dawn might have some unexpressed affection toward me, which would be just as confusing for Dawn as it would be for anyone else. She’s an attractive woman, two years younger than me, but I’m not sure the Lunari would permit people to intermarry with the Huvudets. This and other questions need answered before I will even consider having such a relationship with Dawn. However, I guess the next time I attend a social event, I’ll need to include Dawn in whatever I do.