Dolthe 14, 5679

As we near Kaluna, people living in the surrounding countryside welcome our presence. Many remember the previous time we passed through this area two years ago, and all of them are pleased to see the Red Exemplars. I think the Red Exemplars are the only soldiers who would be welcome everywhere in the world. Other soldiers who fight for specific kings are less desirable, especially within lands belonging to rival nations. As a result, we’ve managed to have several decent feasts over the past week.

Kellon keeps nagging Dawn about painting pictures for him. I think he wants to use them as easy profit for the Council of Adaptive Writing and Publishing. A collection of paintings done by a Huvudet would probably be a best seller for the organization, especially if they told a story of some kind. I keep wondering if Kellon found the Huvudet cave or not. If he did, I’d expect him to contact his organization, and have them document the paintings in the cave immediately. As it is, Dawn painted a single image for him, which was so blatantly obscure, that it doesn’t mean much to the rest of us. The focus of the image was a black figure flanked by a black figure and a white figure. We believe the figures represent Lunari. The one in the middle was wearing a gray mask, while holding a black mask over the face of the white figure, and a white mask over the face of the black figure. Looking up at the figures was a group of confused Huvudets. Dawn said the image represented the only thing that could keep the Huvudets from doing their part in prophecy, but she did not explain in detail how the image had any actual representation in world events. Kellon didn’t seem too pleased that Dawn refused to draw more pictures for him, but he accepted this one with a smile.

We should arrive at Kaluna next week. The two Red Exemplars that Pelmarco sent ahead of us last month returned today. I still don’t know why he sent them, but I guess their mission, whatever it was, is finished. Perhaps it was a meeting with Tilendru.