Dolthe 10, 5678

If an ice monster living at Nazada offers you meat, it’s probably a bad idea to accept. Grrerrgkzh has kept us fed for the past few weeks, and we always assumed it was meat from our horses. I wouldn’t normally eat a horse, but considering the circumstances, it’s better than nothing. Today, however, the meat tasted strange, and we cannot keep it down. Dawn drew something on the floor, and a short while later, we learned our problem. We finished the last of the horsemeat yesterday. Grrerrgkzh is back to scavenging the ancient corpses buried in the ice millennia ago, and never informed us of this change. I refuse to continue eating three and a half thousand years old Red Exemplar or whatever unfortunate corpse Grrerrgkzh dug up today. Dawn and I are both horribly ill. I do not know if it’s the meat or exposure to the white plague that might be on the ancient bodies.

Dawn is already unconscious, and I feel myself wavering. The last thing she drew on the floor for Grrerrgkzh was a picture of him carrying us north out of this frozen land. She knows we cannot stay here if we are to have any hope of survival. I agree, but I doubt we would last the trip. Before I succumb to this painful illness, I will now pack up what equipment Dawn and I have between the two of us, and hope Grrerrgkzh assists us as Dawn requested. Unfortunately, I expect this is the end of my expedition. Tomorrow, Grrerrgkzh will probably think of us as nothing more than fresh food.