Ardes 4, 5678

After searching through these ruins for two days, we still haven’t found any inscription with a city name. Dawn, however, managed to finish her painting. It’s an interestingly detailed yet difficult to understand depiction of the things we’ve done since we last passed through this area with the telefs. One thing I noticed was an image of Krista’Mil with the poisonous fish along the Icavor River. I guess Dawn was the person who left it for her by our campsite without us realizing it. Niahla’Sen asked about Dawn’s tale of flying a giant bat, and Dawn directed her to a portion of the painting she completed previously. Sure enough, it showed Dawn flying a giant bat over some mountains, and seeing a path below. Dawn said it’s the ‘passage’ she needs to show me.

Before leaving this ruined city, we made sure Dawn explained the final glyph in the recipe from Tora’Sor. She led us to the part of the extensive labyrinthine painting that depicted the defeat of the Dark Lunari Mathol at Nazada and the subsequent spread of the white plague. At the very end of the sequence, six soldiers were standing over a large circle divided into six parts. Several dead soldiers were scattered among them. The soldiers were suffering from the white plague, depicted by the white blotches on their bodies. The interesting part, however, was the circle on which they stood. The six sections had the same markings that made up the six glyphs of Tora’Sor’s recipe, with the exception of the final glyph. In comparison, the final glyph appeared to be the opposite of its counterpart. Dawn pointed out an obvious connection between the glyph in the painting, and the death of the Dark Lunari Mathol, suggesting the Dark Lunari somehow became the final ingredient of the white plague in his death. We now understand why Methou said the recipe would not work as intended, and why making it is impossible for us. No person can kill a Lunari, or would even want to, and the result would be a black plague, ravaging the entire land instead of poisoning just the Dark Magicians. Now I am curious who in the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar discovered the recipe. They must have copied it from this cave without knowing the truth of its components and purpose.