Ardes 25, 5678

Today marks the start of the fourth year of my endeavor to explore this great land. I’ve traveled back and forth across this land, braved great hardships, seen more Lunari than most people in all of history, and learned the answers to secrets few people even know exist. Did I expect all this excitement when I began my exploration? This is absolutely not as I imagined it would be.

Kellon is an interesting character, although that’s probably influenced by the amount of exposure we generally have to other people. When we’re spending all our time wandering through the wilderness with the same few people for months or years, having someone new join the group is interesting. It seems he’s somewhat acquainted with Niahla’Sen, probably from the time the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar had her working with the Council of Adaptive Writing and Publishing, but they didn’t know much more than each other’s name. Dawn seems more interested in Kellon’s horse, and likes to talk to it as we travel. I guess it’s because she spent so many years with just a horse as a companion. While obtaining food for an extra person is not difficult, adjusting to Kellon’s presence is. He’s an intellectual, not an outdoorsman. I’m actually impressed he made it this far by himself, although I’m unsure how he managed to survive living on whatever plants he could figure out how to cook. I will probably end up teaching him how to use the bow, and how to hunt.