Ardes 25, 5677

Three years ago today, I departed from Atalan on a ship bound for Etnyben. It was a cold winter voyage. Now, three years later, I am traveling through the cold region at the opposite end of the world. Of the original expedition that departed from Atalan, only Niahla’Sen is still with me, but she too hasn’t been with me the entire time. Pelmarco joined my expedition early on, so between my two current companions, he was with me the longest.

I asked Pelmarco and Niahla’Sen if they had any comments on the progress of the expedition thus far. Pelmarco decided things are going smooth, considering the hazardous nature of traveling across strange lands without a company of skillful soldiers. He believes our adventures are worthwhile and fruitful. Niahla’Sen is somewhat more reserved in her reply. She merely stated my journal should include more details since my current format of one page per entry is hardly more than a story of what we’re doing. Why must she always criticize my journal? I don’t even think she’s read any of it since that one time I was sick in Perduva over three years ago. I’m starting to think Pelmarco and I should leave her behind sometime. If she doesn’t think my journal is good enough for Prince Nomolo and Hudena’Sor, then she should write her own.

As for my thoughts, every day brings something new. I’ve been in this land several years now, and the only place I’ve visited twice was Sehol. There is so much in Etnyben to see, discover, and explore, that I doubt I’ll ever get through it all. After we visit Nazada, I think I should head west again. What westward exploration I’ve done barely went halfway across this land. I saw only the easternmost limits of the mountains that stretch from the western edge of the Razhin Jungle all the way to the western coast of this land. The mountains then follow the coast south. Wide tracts of land still await my exploration, and then the mountains. My expedition still has no end in sight.