Ardes 11, 5678

Our path from here will pass through Kaluna. We purchased new clothing in Darin, but we need to replenish other supplies. I think Niahla’Sen also wants to see if she can purchase some of the obscure ingredients for the recipe Methou gave us. She already collected some of the other items, so once we get the rest, we’ll head northwest to the Razhin Jungle. I’m curious how Dawn would fare in the jungle. She’s used to surviving the wilderness by herself, but the jungle seems more dangerous than most other places we’ve passed through. It’s too bad we won’t have Rar to guide us.

Our other option for supplies was to travel northeast to Sehol, which is probably only half as far as Kaluna, but that would put us back about four or five months. Dawn wasn’t too concerned either way, but Niahla’Sen is adamant that we continue traveling west. I guess she’s anxious to find the ‘passage’ that Dawn wants to show me, and perhaps finally end this expedition when we return to Atalan. Personally, I think our return to Atalan is still several years away, so it’s not something to be anxious about. We’ll get there eventually.

Sometimes I wish I hadn’t been so determined to embark on this expedition. To be able to sit back and relax in a nice, cozy house each night after a hard day’s work is a luxury I don’t get. The most I can do is sit by a campfire, sometimes with a chilling breeze, and hope wild animals don’t think of me as their next meal. I don’t get to associate frequently with many people other than those who choose to accompany me. My supplies are difficult to replenish, except for the rare occasion I pass through a town. Back in Sodoo, even if I spent a week in the wilderness, I always had a home awaiting my return. I was able to associate with many people, almost any time I wanted. Supplies were never an issue, since Sodoo was rarely ever very far away. Unfortunately, it isn’t until you’re months away from the nearest known town and desperately in need of supplies that you begin to realize just how good things were back home.