Ardes 1, 5678

We reached the Huvudet cave today. I’m not sure if we’re exactly on time by Dawn’s reckoning and prediction, or if we’re one or two days early. The accuracy of her prediction is still very impressive considering the distance and time we’ve traveled to get here. She didn’t waste any time, either. The moment we arrived, she went to work preparing her paints from the items she collected the past few weeks. We’re staying here several days while she adds her story to the complex paintings lining the long hallways and chambers of the cave.

After the horrific scenes we saw among the ruins of Nazada, Niahla’Sen is very intrigued by the Huvudet painting depicting the battle. Although the paint is faded with time, the scenes are still vivid enough to show many of the details. I know Dawn said something about the recipe Tora’Sor gave us reminded her of Nazada, and specifically that painting, but she’s currently too occupied in another part of the cave for us to ask her about that. I think Niahla’Sen and I will spend the next few days exploring the ruins of the nearby city while we wait. She hopes we can find an inscription with the name of the city.

Except for the chirping and buzzing of the various insects coming out, tonight is quiet with no clouds visible in the sky. The two moons both shine brightly, although the silver moon in the east has a larger crescent than the golden moon in the west. I have always wondered what holds the moons, stars, and sun in the sky, since everything around me falls down. I’m sure the Lunari know more about this than I do. They taught us the world is a sphere, and with that knowledge, gave the world the ability to learn to navigate and track the years. I can only imagine what other secret knowledge they might be able to teach us. Unfortunately, not everyone believes the world is round. It’s too bad they refuse to acknowledge the wisdom of the Lunari.