Ardes 1, 5677

Travel over the ice is not difficult. There are no trees or other plants to walk around, no rivers to cross, and the mountains are to either side of us, leaving a fairly straight and level path for us to travel. We also have the ancient fires of the Lunari at regular intervals, and can warm ourselves, except for the few instances where something extinguished the fires. I believe these fires and camps remain from when Great King Emanpugnikam led his army to victory at Nazada thousands of years ago. As the white plague spread through the land, killing many of his soldiers, the rest no doubt hurried away from Nazada, and abandoned everything they could.

The horses continue eating the iceberry plants, and we’ve adjusted to drinking the tart juice mixed with water. I haven’t decided if it makes us capable of withstanding the cold or if it just makes it seem that way to us. Either way, it doesn’t seem quite as cold down here as it was when we sailed over the top of the world.

Our big discovery of the day is that we’re not alone as we travel through this barren land of ice. There is someone else nearby with a horse, which we learned when we found fresh tracks through some snow. Pelmarco thinks it’s someone from Mazin waiting for us to freeze to death so they can loot our bodies. Apparently, the inhabitants have a reputation of being less than cordial to strangers who pass through their village. Niahla’Sen thought it might be an ice monster, but Pelmarco says she’s wrong. The tracks are too small, and certainly wouldn’t be accompanied by a horse. I decided there wasn’t enough meat down here for ice monsters to live on, so there shouldn’t be any encounters with the gargantuan creatures.