Solil 9, 5676

Being in a village long lost to the world is an interesting experience. It seems the quality of life, at least to us familiar with modern technologies like metallurgy and masonry, declined over time. However, they improvise with what they have, and actually maintain a very complex knowledge of the jungle. They can make obscure medicines for almost every malady from the plants in the jungle. They also know what animals are not edible, and it was surprising to learn some of the animals I would have thought perfectly safe, were poisonous enough to kill me with my first bite. I suppose I am fortunate I did not kill those while hunting for food during the past few weeks.

Pelmarco is certainly enjoying himself. He challenged some of the warriors to wrestling matches. Some of the villagers are surprisingly challenging for Pelmarco, and one of them beat him! Actually, forget I mentioned that. There’s no way anyone can beat a Red Exemplar. Let’s keep it that way.

Tonight we investigated the cave the villagers of Razhinoch told us about yesterday. It was actually a well-kept garden surrounding a hole in the ground with a staircase descending into the darkness. We waited several hours just outside the garden before the woman emerged. She appeared a few years older than Tora’Sor, but walked with an aura of dignity that made her seem much older and wiser. Her clothing, a simple white dress with a violet hue, seemed to glow in the silver moonlight. Her skin was white. She stood several minutes looking into the sky before going about her business tidying up the garden. When she was done, she sat in a bench, and continued looking up at the sky.

Tora’Sor stepped from her hiding place. A bolt of lightning flashed from the strange woman’s hands, but Tora’Sor easily deflected it. We watched as the two women approached each other, both realizing the other was a Sisterhood operative. Several tears dripped from the woman’s eyes when she realized Tora’Sor’s purpose. They talked in the moonlight for some hours before they ended their meeting. Tomorrow Tora’Sor will tell us what transpired.