Solil 8, 5676

We never expected to find a village in the midst of the Razhin Jungle. The people of Razhinoch are about as tribal as possible, living in mud huts with thatch roofs in a wide clearing not far from the river. They are very cautious about us, and it took a long time to get them to lower their makeshift weapons when we walked into their village. After convincing them we were friendly, they invited us to dinner. Krista’Mil seemed to fit right in, and didn’t hesitate to eat the strange foods the rest of us reluctantly ended up eating. I wonder if she came from a jungle area somewhere else in the world.

Talking to these savages was initially difficult because of their different dialect, but Tora’Sor managed to get them to tell enough of their mythology to learn their origin. Their ancestors were soldiers once, survivors of a great battle on the ice, probably at Nazada as we know it. When the King of Kings, most likely meaning a Great King, died in the battle, the soldiers, admitting defeat, fled. They hid in this land, and vowed never to associate with the rest of the world. The village has been here ever since, which by our knowledge of history, would be the time when Great King Darthan was killed at Nazada well over five thousand years ago. I don’t think we were able to convince them that nobody remembers the soldiers or their flight from that battle.

They also mentioned a cave, or more likely a hole in a nearby clearing, where each night a woman would emerge and gaze up at the stars, sometimes smiling, but often crying. Several of the villagers braved the dark of the night to talk to her, but she never left the vicinity of the cave, or came out during the day. Their folk lore about the cave was rather incomplete and conflicting, something about being attacked by the woman, so we’ll probably want to investigate this cave while we’re at this village.

Tonight, however, we’re staying at the chief’s hut. We’re obviously important enough to warrant the best mud hut in the village. It was a nice gesture, although unnecessary, and we’ll definitely see what we can do to make it worth their while.