Solil 29, 5677

I decided tomorrow will be the day we depart Forada. There’s no point in waiting for Rar and the two Sisterhood operatives to disembark since we can say our goodbyes before then. Tonight we spent our final hours together at a tavern, one of the best I’m told, and reminisced about the travels we’ve been through together.

Prince Nomolo and Hudena’Sor, I am giving Rar the writings of my journal compiled since I sent back the last batch of entries, and he will deliver them to you safely. With these, you can know I am not yet successful, but I also have not yet explored the entire land. From Forada I will head south to Torheem, and then travel back west. I plan to make a quick visit to the ruins of Nazada, as requested by Hudena’Sor, and try my best to describe what remains of that cursed place. As you read through my journal, know that I remain steadfast in my endeavor to explore this great land, and seek the ‘passage’ mentioned by prophecy. May the fortunes of the Lunari smile upon us.