Solil 28, 5677

When we left the inn this morning, someone stepped from the shadows and greeted us. It was Niahla’Sen. She apparently arrived at Forada about a week ago, and was about to begin searching for us throughout this expansive land. She was most pleased to learn we arrived yesterday, saving her from such a difficult search. Her instructions are to find us, and ensure the expedition continues smoothly, restocking any supplies the other Sisterhood operatives might need. The news of Tora’Sor saddened Niahla’Sen, but she understood the purpose of the sacrifice. I showed her the recipe, but she admitted no member of the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar understood the glyph representing the final ingredient since all their other recipes of arcane purpose only had five ingredients. Since Elendra’Tel and Krista’Mil will be sailing to Atalan soon, Niahla’Sen plans to join my expedition with the claim that I cannot explore the entire land without assistance. I’m not sure if I welcome this or not.

Rar is quite a character when given the chance. A random person asked him to tell some stories of our journey, and Rar soon had a large crowd listening to his suspenseful tales of excitement and danger. He certainly tries to maintain himself as a regal warrior in his tales, and plays the part well with the jeket skin draped over his shoulders. He especially enjoyed telling of meeting Zhethou.

Pelmarco has now purchased enough luxury goods throughout our trip that I wonder where he gets his money. Coins are heavy in large quantities, and I know he doesn’t carry more than a few at a time, even of the more valuable denominations. It just seems he never runs out, and never does anything for income. I asked him about this, but he wouldn’t answer. I wonder if there’s a secret retirement fund for former Red Exemplars, with portions hidden in almost every village, town, and city to be used by former Red Exemplars as necessary. I’ve never donated anything to the Red Exemplars, so perhaps it’s considered a government expense, and composed of an unknown portion of the taxes lands pay to the Great King. Might even the Great King be funding the retired lives of the Red Exemplars?