Solil 28, 5676

Last night, after learning Krista’Mil was poisoned by a frog she ate, Rar ran off into the forest without telling us his intent. This morning, we awoke to see his handiwork. He spent the entire night hunting birds by climbing trees and pulling them from their nests to make Krista’Mil a soft feather bed in our boat. I think he realizes she came from a similar environment, and wants to show her that his jungle is as good as her jungle, wherever it might be. We had to rearrange some of our seating positions, but we finally managed to fit the rest of us in the boat.

Because Rar disposed of the plucked birds in the river, the spoonfish were having a feeding frenzy, whipping the waters into froth. We needed to be very careful not to touch the water today. They were even trying to eat the boat, which, when you have several thousand spoonfish gnawing on the same piece of wood, resulted in a very odd vibrating sensation as we sat in it. The sensation gradually subsided as we rowed upriver, away from our campsite. While spoonfish can bite through any flesh, we are fortunate they cannot bite through harder things like wood.

Elendra’Tel and Rar ended up spending much of today discussing medicines. Elendra’Tel was curious about the healing properties of various jungle plants, and I believe she was trying to figure out if she could use any to concoct a medicine for Krista’Mil. She also asked about the potential of collecting the poison from the frog for use in hunting. I can’t pretend to understand half of the things they discussed, but I don’t think she had any luck. Fortunately, Krista’Mil no longer has the occasional convulsions, and Rar says that’s a good sign.

Pelmarco gave me some practice with my sword tonight, and Rar watched intently. I doubt he’s ever seen anyone using a sword since everyone in his village was using sharpened stones as the points on their spears and arrows. None of them had anything remotely similar to a sword. If Rar remains interested, I expect Pelmarco will try teaching him too.