Solil 27, 5677

From Sehol to Forada in less than two months, this has to be a record! Forada is a sprawling coastal city, one of the largest ports in the world, and the crowds welcomed us warmly. The spectacle of the painted telefs ridden by the five of us resulted in large crowds filling the streets. Everyone was amused as Rar sang a song about five brave heroes from the west, and the telefs bellowed with him. However, we cannot keep the telefs inside the city, since that’s a disaster waiting to happen, and ended up leaving them inside a forest south of the city. I hope they’ll remain until we return in a few days.

Tonight we’re staying at an inn, but first we stopped at a tavern. It’s the best type of place to catch up on the news while enjoying a few good foods and drinks. We made sure Rar did not throw his spear at any dartboards. The tavern was a nice place, although we did have some awkward moments. When Pelmarco asked about the Red Exemplars, silence filled the tavern, and everyone looked at him. Three bulky men with red armbands stood up and approached him. They too were former Red Exemplars, although I don’t think any recognized Pelmarco. They were more recently retired from the unit, and probably joined it after Pelmarco left. The greetings were awkward at best since none of them was formerly acquainted, but they were still welcoming. It turns out the Red Exemplars passed through Forada earlier this year, and are now heading west. It’s possible we passed them on our way from Sehol, and never knew it. I think the three former Red Exemplars plan to ride out and see if they can find the Red Exemplars, and tell them that Pelmarco is searching for them.

Elendra’Tel and Krista’Mil are working on loading their collected plants and other oddities on a ship. It’s scheduled to depart in several days, so they still have plenty of time to prepare for the voyage. Elendra’Tel also provided me with some of her medicines, and instructed me in their use. I think the hard part will be remembering what they are, and not confusing them during emergencies.