Solil 12, 5676

The Sisterhood operatives visited the cave last night, but no one came out. We cannot know what happened after Tora’Sor entered the cave. Thus, with heavy hearts, they erected a small monument in her honor.

Leaving Razhinoch was also a strange experience. I never quite figured out why, but the villagers lined up this morning, and one by one, gave each of us a big hug before we left. One of their young men followed behind us in the line, and helped us push our boat into the river. He then hopped in, and started rowing for us.

Pelmarco was the first to break the awkward silence as Razhinoch faded into the jungle, and asked the young man what he was doing. The resulting explanation was that we lost a member of our family while at his village, so his village was giving up a member of their family to replace our loss. Our family was now part of their family. He was Rar, the chief’s only son. He would escort us through the jungle, and go with us wherever we went. I’m not sure any of us are too keen on having this eager young man join our expedition so soon after the loss of another. However, none of us voiced anything to dissuade the man, so I guess he’ll be with us awhile.

Rar is actually quite useful in the jungle. He knows how to avoid the many dangers. Tonight he snared some birds, and we roasted them over the campfire for dinner. He also sang several jungle songs for us, although that did little to lighten our moods.