Solil 10, 5677

We are staying at a lumber mill tonight. The man who owns the place, Corthog, noticed the telefs pushing down trees earlier tonight, and saw that as an opportunity. We’re being fed well tonight, and in exchange we just need to let the telefs spend the night in the forest where they can push down anything they want to push down. I know Mo’Amu won’t refuse the opportunity, and I doubt any of the other telefs would. They eat the leaves, and leave the trunks on the ground. When Corthog wants to, he can harvest the logs, process them, and ship them down the Icavor River to Forada. I think he’d like us to stay for several days or weeks, but we’re planning to leave in the morning.

This also means we’re going to be telling stories of our travels throughout most of the night. I have yet to meet anyone who hides their curiosity about our adventures. What makes it difficult is I experienced all those adventures. I’d rather hear tales of the areas I travel through than tell of my own experiences in faraway places. I know Pelmarco already asked if Corthog had news of the Red Exemplars, but the man did not know where they were.

Krista’Mil is taking advantage of being inside a permanent structure to work on extracting the poison from the fish she has. It’s a dry husk of a carcass by now, but she still thinks the poison is in the spines, and could still be potent after drying. Elendra’Tel is working with her. I don’t think they’re too interested in talking with Corthog, although he did confirm that they had the correct poisonous fish. They are working quietly in a corner, only speaking up to correct the rest of us when we make minor mistakes in the telling of our stories. Krista’Mil did ask for several of my arrows, so she’s working with those, probably trying to poison the points. I hope it works better than the last fish poison she had me unsuccessfully test.