Solil 10, 5676

Tora’Sor handed me the ancient manuscript with the circular glyphs today. She instructed me to record them in my journal, and memorize them in case I lost my journal. I am to guard my copy of the glyphs with my life, ensure the rest of my companions memorize them, and deliver them safe to the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar in Atalan. If the Dark Magicians cannot be defeated, these glyphs are the recipe to poison their longevity. Unfortunately, there are few among the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar who can read the glyphs, or so she claims.

The woman from the cave was Purishi’Kan, a Sisterhood operative captured long ago by the Dark Lunari. They forced her to drink a longevity potion she sought to destroy. Unable to defend against the strong will and desires of the Dark Lunari, she is now the mother of the Dark Magicians. She hates the things she’s experienced, and the only thing other than the longevity potion that keeps her alive is the desire to one day make things right. Tora’Sor plans to join Purishi’Kan underground, and perhaps together they can make a difference.

Entering the cave is a choice one cannot take back. Once inside the cave, the powers of the Dark Lunari make it so one cannot walk beyond the boundaries of the garden. Purishi’Kan told Tora’Sor of guardians who will ride out to fight anyone who tries to escape or help her out of the garden.

Tora’Sor left behind most of her belongings. She permitted me to watch, but she did not want the others to know she was leaving until it was too late. With only the ancient manuscript and the items the Sisterhood operatives purchased in Sehol, she stepped into the garden to await the emergence of Purishi’Kan.

The ancient woman emerged as the silver moon rose high into the sky. She talked with Tora’Sor for several hours, and several times smiled in the direction where I was hiding. As the moon was beginning to set, she took Tora’Sor’s hand, and led her to the cave. Tora’Sor took one last look around, and stepped down into the cave. She will never again see the light of day.