Soldes 30, 5675

We should not be in this cave. After four days of exploring this very long tunnel, I am convinced we should have turned around as soon as we saw the entrance to the cave. This morning, a falling rock blocked our return. We can only go forward, hoping there is another exit. Our food and water supplies are beginning to dwindle. The air remains as stale as it has been. Any hope of surviving our trek through the cave is beginning to diminish.

I am not alone in my despair. Pelmarco longs to see the sky once again. Krista’Mil keeps probing into cracks hoping to find something to eat. Tora’Sor appears tired and uncertain. Perhaps the strangest is Elendra’Tel, who keeps claiming to see markings on the walls, none of which means anything other than certain doom at the whims of deeply offended Lunari. I seriously hope we find an exit soon, or my endeavor to explore Etnyben will end before it really got started.