Soldes 27, 5675

Inside a cave submerged thousands of years ago by the waters of Lake Icavor, what could possibly go wrong? Our first problem is light. The Sisterhood operatives were clearly fatigued after using their powers to push away the waters, so they slept very soundly, but that mean Pelmarco and I were left in total darkness, so dark we could almost feel it. I think I managed a few hours of uneasy sleep, but I think Pelmarco remained awake the whole time. He sometimes claims Red Exemplars never need to sleep, although I’ve seen enough to know better.

Our second problem is the stale air. It isn’t completely unbreathable, so we know there is an exit somewhere above the water level, but it’s still stale enough that breathing is difficult.

The third problem is we saw just inside the entrance to the cave a salt encrusted skeleton, and what might have once been pieces of armor. It certainly adds a very macabre feeling to the place. Elendra’Tel broke a finger off the skeleton and revealed a gold ring. She claimed the markings on the ring identified the skeleton as being the remains of Great King Markaris the Second, cursed forever be the name, which increases the mystery of the cave. History records Great King Markaris the Second, cursed forever be the name, as dying in battle during an expedition against the Dark Magicians just over a thousand years ago. Either the waters of Lake Icavor rose and submerged the town and cave after the death of Great King Markaris the Second, cursed forever be the name, or something dragged him from the shore to this cave.

Tora’Sor decided it would be easier for her and the other Sisterhood operatives if we followed the cave instead of trying to return to shore. I disagreed, but Pelmarco remains convinced that he saw something large moving through the dark underwater shadows yesterday. Although I am the official leader of this expedition, I reluctantly agreed. The land between Lake Icavor and Sehol is fairly well explored, so anything I miss is unimportant for my endeavor. Besides, who wouldn’t want to explore a deeply submerged cave with bad air and the skeleton of a Great King?