Soldes 26, 5675

What a person sees from the surface of Lake Icavor is nothing compared to what is visible while underwater. With the arcane powers of the three Sisterhood operatives holding back the water like a pane of glass and pushing most of the slime off the ancient road as we followed it into Lake Icavor, we were soon completely submerged and awestruck by the scene around us. The silhouettes of blue algae colonies floated in the waters above us. More of the small fish were visible than we ever saw while on the shore, and Pelmarco thought he saw something much larger dart off into a shadow along the floor of the lake. Large deposits of minerals on the lake floor formed odd shapes and pillars around us. The saltiness of the water gave it a violet hue.

As we continued deeper into the lake, Tora’Sor began lighting our path with balls of fire she would drop from her hand. After about an hour, she decided we probably wouldn’t find anything, and suggested returning back to the shore. Pelmarco, however, urged us to continue on, and moments later, pointed out a salt-encrusted wagon wheel half buried in the slime.

Continuing along the road, we soon came to a steep, downward incline. Tora’Sor tossed a ball of fire down the hill, using her powers to keep the water from extinguishing it. As the ball of fire rolled down the hill, we began to see the faint outlines of structures, built long ago, and submerged by the formation of this lake. There must have been something highly flammable in the water, because without warning, the fireball ignited the lake floor. Flames spread rapidly through the watery valley below us, illuminating a breathtaking scene. An entire village was at the bottom of Lake Icavor. Streets, houses, shops; all were briefly visible in the orange glow of the flames.

In the last moments before the water extinguished the fire, we noticed the dark mouth of a cave at the end of the road we were following. Looking inside, we discovered a pocket of stale air. While we could make it back to shore tonight, we are staying here while the Sisterhood operatives recover from using their powers so extensively today.