Soldes 25, 5675

The land around Lake Icavor is beginning to show more signs of life. We’ve seen several types of wildlife in the area, including the small deer, foxes, some sort of lumbering beast with a furry snout, small snakes, and plenty of birds. Food is now plentiful so I do a little hunting with Pelmarco each night. With the abundance of food, we also have the benefit of not hearing Krista’Mil chew on dried fish all day. Pelmarco thinks her next odd meal will be a snake, skewered and roasted whole, but I seriously hope she holds off on such strange behavior.

We made an interesting discovery today. Sometime long ago there was a road here. We came across a section of the road built with large, white flagstones coming out from Lake Icavor, and guess the road was built long before the lake became a lake. The road is not on any maps we have, and no one recalls any historical account of armies finding the road on their way to battle the Dark Magicians. Everything about this road remains a mystery to us.

Elendra’Tel believes following the road will prove interesting and beneficial to both my expedition and the mission of the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar. She followed the road into the lake a short distance, using her arcane powers to push the waters away from her and the road. With all three women working together, their powers should be able to provide us with a large pocket of air around us, so we can walk completely submerged. I remain unconvinced about this being beneficial to my expectation, but curiosity gets the better of me. Tomorrow we will attempt to follow the road into the lake.

When we get to Sehol, I will need to requisition a pair of shoes. The shoes I wore when I departed Bagda are beginning to show signs of wear from traveling across the rough terrain for so long. I might also consider requisitioning some clothing, but I hope at least to trade some fresh hides for those. I know I have the endorsement of Prince Nomolo to provide for my needs, but I still want to give people a fair exchange when possible.