Soldes 23, 5676

To see even the light of a Lunari is something very few people have done. I am now very fortunate to have talked face to face with two Lunari. With Nethozokh assisting us last year, and now Zhethou, it is evident the Lunari are paying very close attention to my expedition despite their apparent disinvolvement with Atalan and the Great Kings. They will not be of immediate assistance, however, as it still takes them a couple days to travel from Iswa to Etnyben. Prince Nomolo, when you ascend to the throne, I recommend you invite the Lunari back to Atalan so the city may once again shine with their light.

After Zhethou’s departure today, there were many questions among us. I wanted to know the significance of the red cloth she tied to Pelmarco’s spear. He explained it was the red armband given to the very first Red Exemplar. He did not say if he knew the man’s name. Krista’Mil asked Rar what Zhethou meant by the desire of his heart, but he just gave her a big grin. It’s obvious to the rest of us that he’s smitten by her, so I think she just wanted to hear him say it. Elendra’Tel was curious about what Zhethou talked to me about. I told about our conversation, but I could not get either of the Sisterhood operatives to tell what took them all night to discuss with Zhethou in private.

After spending a day talking to one of the Lunari, continuing on one’s journey is difficult to do. However, we managed to mount our telefs and begin the journey south, back along the way we came. As Akmetan fades into the distance behind us, I have no doubt we are among the last people who will ever visit the city.

As we travel south, I want to stay closer to the mountains than before, perhaps even search for a route through or around them. I’d prefer to avoid the Huvudet lands if possible, so if we can have at least a small ridge between us, we should be fine. The Huvudets aren’t enemies, but they’re not exactly friendly either.

Mo’Amu no doubt missed me during the three days we spent exploring Akmetan. She was anxious to start traveling today, and uprooted several trees with her tusks while waiting this morning.