Soldes 22, 5676

The two Sisterhood operatives emerged from the shrine of Zhethou this morning, and told Pelmarco and me that we could now enter. Zhethou was waiting for us in the map room. She first talked to Pelmarco. He is to continue the journey with me until we meet the Red Exemplars. They grow weak in their arrogance and lack of practice. Pelmarco will be the captain to restore their former greatness. Pelmarco tried protesting that he was too old, but she motioned for him to be silent. She took the point of his spear, and clasped it between her hands until it glowed hotly. As it cooled, she tied the strip of red cloth beneath the spear point. She handed back his spear, the formerly tarnished point now gleaming as if newly forged. Pelmarco then thanked her for honoring him a second time. I am unsure what he meant by that.

Zhethou then turned to me. She asked about my journey thus far, and my plans for my continued exploration. After I told her, she said I would no doubt fulfill prophecy where so many others failed. I asked if I could have the map to guide me throughout the land, but she refused. I also asked if she knew about the origin of the Dark Magicians, and if we could do something to save Tora’Sor. She admitted that her link to the Dark Magicians was an issue of great embarrassment. Her involvement in my expedition is a small attempt to correct the problem. As for Tora’Sor, she is beyond the reach of the Lunari.

Zhethou then wanted to talk to the fifth member of our expedition, Rar. We went outside to await his return. It was midafternoon when he returned with the telefs, singing loudly a song about Rar the Mighty Telef Rider. I think he tried to bow when he suddenly saw Zhethou standing before him, but almost fell, causing her to laugh. She helped him down from the telef, and he bowed properly that time. She told him the jungle was his kingdom, but first he would travel the world, and have the desire of his heart. She then held the point of his spear as she held Pelmarco’s spear earlier. When she gave it back, the stone point appeared as smooth, black glass, glistening in her light.