Soldes 20, 5676

Our exploration of the ruins of Akmetan continued today. Pelmarco, pleased with his discovery yesterday of a few gold coins, made sure to examine the contents of every pot he could find, and recovered several more coins. Krista’Mil uncovered the blade of an ancient sword and points for several spears. The condition of the points was good enough that Pelmarco took one, and fashioned a spear for himself. I spent most of my time examining the carved friezes, trying to make sense of the various scenes.

Elendra’Tel made the best discovery. She is somehow able to see markings of the Lunari invisible to the rest of us, and used that ability to see a welcoming mark that led her to discover what appeared to be a small, featureless building off to the side of the other ruins, hidden beneath a thick layer of vegetation. Entering was difficult, and required some digging to uncover the door that was at a lower level than the ground. The ancient door, preserved by the powers of the Lunari, took several of us to open.

The inside of the structure was dark. No roots penetrated into the room, leaving it free from the ravages of time. Elendra’Tel said one of the markings we cannot see identified the building as a shrine of Zhethou, the Lunari who took Ameht as her husband in ancient history. There are quite a few tunnels and chambers in this structure, so we plan to explore it more tomorrow.

The first room, however, was very ornate, and I assume the rest of the underground structure resembles the first. The scenes carved into the walls explained what the Huvudets called the four towers. They are the four cities where the Lunari resided during the first two millennia of our world. Nazada, the icy fortress of the Dark Lunari, lies in ruins at the South Pole. Atalan, the beacon of light to the world, is where the Great Kings sit on the throne. Rukda, the fortress of the Dark Lunari Kathorg, is now an abandoned wasteland deep in the north of Bagda. Akmetan, city of Akmet, great grandson of Zhethou, is the ruined city we are now exploring. Of those four cities, only Atalan remains, and it no longer houses the presence of the Lunari.