Soldes 18, 5676

The western edge of the Razhin Jungle is thick around us, but the telefs push down the trees with little effort, leaving a wide path behind us. They also have much more food here, although the temperature is still difficult for them to tolerate. We haven’t found any signs of another marker stone, but we’ve also had our progress slowed by traveling through the jungle. Considering there is evidence we are close to the sea, I would have expected we’d find it by now. However, we found something else unexpected and out of place in this unforgiving environment.

A large tower and several other ancient structures stand hidden in the coastal jungle, overgrown by the thick plant life. Elendra’Tel immediately claimed we finally found one of the fabled Seven Cities of Lajolaine, but was soon disappointed when we discovered the name Akmetan carved at the entrance of the tower. I don’t know if any record remains of the cities scattered throughout Etnyben prior to the white plague thousands of years ago, but I would guess this city was a victim of that epidemic. Because of the many jungle plants growing atop the ruins, I can understand why no one managed to notice the city ruins while sailing along the nearby coast. They would think it only a hill in the distance.

Despite her disappointment, Elendra’Tel wants to explore the ruins for items that might be of use to the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar. I think we’ll oblige her desire, and stay here a few days. After all, we might end up finding things useful for the rest of us too. However, the most I expect to find are the crumbling stone structures we already see. Everything else most likely deteriorated long ago.

Rar agreed to take the telefs around the area for a few days while we explore these ruins. He isn’t too interested in history, especially when the rest of us don’t have all the answers to his questions. Since we don’t know much about Akmetan right now, he’ll be much more content staying with the telefs than wandering these ancient structures with us.