Ranthe 9, 5677

I am back on my ankle, fortunately, and no longer need to rely on Rar and Krista’Mil to gather and prepare our food. It turns out some of the things they fed us were foods most civilized people would consider questionable, if not inedible. I was correct about the mash being grubs of some kind, but was unprepared to learn where they came from. It started when Rar’s telef knocked over an anthill, as the telefs enjoy doing. As the ants swarmed out of the destroyed hill, Rar noticed several large white objects in the dirt. Fortunately, he had Krista’Mil there to burn the ants with her arcane powers before the ants could reach him.

While Rar’s telef enjoyed the swarming ants, Rar and Krista’Mil burned their way to the anthill. The white objects were large grubs, possibly larval queens by their size. Many other smaller grubs were in the destroyed anthill, but the large ones were the ones Rar and Krista’Mil collected. Ten of them were all they needed for our meal.

When I asked where they found the honey, I almost gagged at the response. They found a fly that survives on the nectar of certain pink flowers. The swollen flies, gorged on the nectar, end up making the flowers a permanent home. Rar and Krista’Mil noticed several other insects harmlessly extracting and eating the honey from the flies, and decided to try it for themselves. The result is the honey they’ve been feeding us is squeezed out of fly abdomens, not collected from bee colonies. I will admit that Rar and Krista’Mil demonstrate an impressive ability to make food from the strangest things, but upon learning what the food really is, the desire to eat it all but disappears.

I am not sure if I should be concerned. Is Krista’Mil reverting to her previous habit of eating everything she could fit in her mouth, with Rar’s approval of course, or are they working together to ensure the items they use as food actually are good for eating? It’s a good skill to be able to turn the oddest things into food, but does she really need to feed it to the rest of us?