Ranthe 30, 5676

Today was a busy day for us. We went to the market to replenish supplies and anything we might end up needing when we finally head back west. Pelmarco ensured my equipment is fit for whatever rugged land we might encounter. Considering how much he traveled during his time with the Red Exemplars, I definitely trust him on that issue. I also purchased a good pair of boots that should last me quite a while.

The Sisterhood operatives visited a number of apothecaries while we were shopping. Tora’Sor had out her parchment with the strange circular glyphs, and seemed to be using it as a shopping list. I cannot imagine what any of it means, but I think there was only one item they could not find although I cannot be sure since they discussed it all with hushed voices.

When we finished our shopping, the Sisterhood operatives returned to the inn while Pelmarco and I visited a nearby tavern. Where you find taverns, you often find Barbidons, and we did meet several. One also tends to meet many rowdy locals at taverns, and this was no exception. After defeating quite a few locals at arm wrestling while using his unbroken arm, Pelmarco asked the Barbidon bartender if there was any interesting news from the past year.

There was no recent news from Atalan, but we did learn of a few other interesting things. There were quite a few reports of dragons flying outside their usual range, suggesting the Dark Magicians were planning something. A band of thieves west of Sehol was recently defeated in battle, and the bartender guessed we might be somewhat responsible based on the descriptions of the incident. There were three unconfirmed rumors of Lunari appearing in various places in the past year, but such rumors occur quite often and are usually false.

The final bit of news was that a recent surge in the amount of water flowing down the Icavor River eroded away quite a bit of dirt and rock from where the cliffs fell on Gulith’s army, and treasure hunters were already searching for relics to sell. We do plan to visit the site, so perhaps we’ll find something good!