Ranthe 29, 5676

We finally reached Sehol. In the days of Nidiz, Sehol was barely more than a small town of cautious inhabitants. Today, Sehol is a large city, no doubt because of its fame in the Legend of Nidiz, and the many Great Kings and armies that passed through the place on their way to battle the Dark Magicians. If it wasn’t for all the publicity over the last millennium, I doubt Sehol would be anywhere as large as it is today. By population and the extent of its limits, Sehol is definitely larger than Atalan, although nowhere near as great, and might very well be the largest city in all of Etnyben, except perhaps Torheem, which I believe is some distance south from where the Icavor River reaches the sea.

The first thing we did upon reaching Sehol was go to the docks. The Sisterhood operatives are eager to ship the plants they’ve collected over the past few months, and lighten their load. It was interesting to watch them choose the barge to take the plants downriver. They quickly narrowed their choices to three barges, and then interviewed each captain to learn what contacts he might have in Forada, the city at the mouth of the Icavor River, who could transport the goods to Atalan. It was getting late when they finally made their decision and loaded their cargo onto the barge.

It was long after dark when we found a nice inn for the night. Upon realizing my traveling companions are three Sisterhood operatives and a former Red Exemplar, the proprietor offered to let us stay free. We reluctantly agreed. As it turns out, letting us stay free actually brought in more profit for the innkeeper. He went out into the street, advertised that he had very important guests, and suddenly had throngs of people wanting to stay at the inn hoping to meet us. It was a noisy, hectic evening, but now that we are in our room, things are beginning to quiet down.