Ranthe 25, 5677

The towns in this region are near enough for people to regularly travel between them, if not frequently, at least often enough to ensure a good commercial exchange throughout the region. Tonight we are staying at Kaluna, which is arguably the largest town we’ve passed through since Sehol. As before, Rar and Krista’Mil stayed with the telefs, although Pelmarco forced Rar to join us later tonight. He wants Rar to be somewhat accustomed to civilization before we reach the busy streets of Sehol. I doubt it will work. Rar is unwilling to part with his spear, the only weapon he’s mastered, and brought it into a tavern with us. Noticing some men throwing darts along one wall of the tavern, Rar decided to try joining them---with his spear! No one was hurt seriously, but we’ll think twice about taking him with us the next time we stop at a tavern.

Elendra’Tel decided to leave us at the tavern, and went to join Krista’Mil with the telefs. Pelmarco, Rar, and I are now staying at an inn. After we arrived in our room, we received a visitor, a man of Pelmarco’s age, if not older, named Tilendru. He too is a former Red Exemplar, and the two are very well acquainted from their time serving together many years ago. Tilendru saw us enter the town earlier today, and was especially curious about the red cloth tied to Pelmarco’s spear. After learning of the cloth’s significance and the means by which Pelmarco acquired it, Tilendru asked if he could join us as we traveled across Etnyben. Pelmarco refused Tilendru’s request. The more traveling companions I have, the harder it will be to make significant progress. Pelmarco then suggested Tilendru begin his own expedition to see if he could learn the true whereabouts of the Red Exemplars.

Neither Pelmarco nor Tilendru seem willing to acquiesce to the other right now. I expect their discussion will last long throughout the night. However, I am tired. I will learn of the result in the morning.