Ranthe 2, 5676

When you’ve terrorized an area long enough, you make alot of enemies. Pelmarco discovered this as he rode around the area informing the scattered inhabitants of the captured ruffians, and telling them to gather where we camped. Without the Great King sending military expeditions against the Dark Magicians as so many previous Great Kings have, the lack of any authority presence in the area gave rise to the band of ruffians. Pelmarco set things straight for now. Using his authority as a Red Exemplar, he organized the region’s inhabitants, and established a local authority structure that should work for a while.

Pelmarco also made sure the ruffians would receive fair trials for their crimes. A few are no doubt guilty of murders, but many others are probably just petty crooks or joined the band because their friends did. I do not expect we will remain in the area long enough to learn the result of the trials. I am anxious to continue toward Sehol. It’s very likely Jelen, who took the barge, is at Sehol, or very close, while we are probably little more than halfway. I am not sure if he will still be there by the time we arrive, so we probably won’t see him again.

Having so many people gather in this remote part of the world is rather interesting. I expect they plan to make it last a week, and it is pretty much a very festive affair. Pelmarco doesn’t think they’ve ever gathered like this before, so his riding out and calling them to gather might be a very good thing. He expects the eventual founding of a town that will maintain order in the area.

The Sisterhood operatives are also making the most of the gathering. Elendra’Tel and Krista’Mil are amusing the children with small tricks using their powers, such as shooting sparks from their fingertips. Tora’Sor, however, is still recovering from yesterday. Apparently, she did what very few Sisterhood operatives do, reach the limits of their abilities. The three of them combined could have done the same action easily, but by herself, she overexerted herself too fast. Fortunately, overusing her powers is more or less harmless. She’ll be fine after she gets plenty of rest.