Ranthe 1, 5677

A new year begins, but life on a journey keeps marching on as if nothing new ever happened. I don’t think Rar keeps track of years the same way we do, so when I told him today began a new year, he looked somewhat confused. This might be since the jungle is always hot and doesn’t have noticeable seasons, but I’d expect they’d know how to tell the year by the sun. However, by the end of the day, he was singing a new song to the telefs, this time about the year always going on, and never truly ending or beginning. It can be amusing the ways he expresses his opinions to us without actually using a conversation. The telefs, however, never care what he sings about, and bellow just as loud. The etagas and other beasts that gather near the telefs for protection actually moved away from us when he was singing today. I guess not everything is appreciative of the songs and accompaniment noise.

I twisted my ankle while dismounting Mo’Amu this afternoon. It’s not bad, but it will be swollen and painful for a few days. Elendra’Tel refused to give me anything for the pain. She claims that lesser injuries like sprained ankles are made worse when people can’t feel the pain, and end up exerting themselves too much. Pelmarco says he won’t put me through any swordsmanship exercises for at least a week, and maybe longer. He’ll focus on giving Rar some training. Right now, both of them are equal when it comes to using spears, but with swords, Pelmarco will beat Rar easily. I think Pelmarco expects us to find the Red Exemplars any day now, and wants to ensure Rar and me are both capable of defending ourselves.

Because I am unable to go hunting, tonight’s meal was rather odd. Rar and Krista’Mil went hunting, and returned with several small birds, along with handfuls of something else that remains unknown to me since they prepared it away from the camp. Nothing tasted bad, but I think the unknown food might be a type of grub. They turned it into some sort of soupy mash, and added honey and vegetables. I do not know where they found the honey.