Ranthe 1, 5676

Jelen told us the road wasn’t safe, and he was right. However, when one’s traveling companions consist of three Sisterhood operatives and a former Red Exemplar, it’s about the same as traveling with a large squad of armed guards. The road is safe for us, but not those who would be our enemies.

We saw some smoke up ahead this morning, and upon investigation, found a burning farm. The family was out front weeping over their loss when we arrived. The man explained that a group of ruffians controlled the area, and burned their farm in retaliation for an insult by their son. Pelmarco decided we needed to do something about the ruffians, and the Sisterhood operatives agreed. They disguised their identities, and we continued on our way. Since Pelmarco’s broken arm isn’t fully healed, I did express concern that he couldn’t use his sword. He disagreed.

As we were finishing lunch, the band of ruffians surrounded us. Convinced we were merely harmless travelers, they demanded we hand over any valuables we might have. Pelmarco laughed at their demand. The rest of us started laughing too when we saw the expressions on the faces of the ruffians. When asked what was so amusing, Pelmarco told the leader of the group that he’d brought far too few underlings to make such a demand of us; that it would take a hundred soldiers to lay a single hand on us. The leader of the ruffians was not impressed. He gave the order to kill us. The ruffians moved toward us. Pelmarco pulled out his sword. I fit an arrow to the string of my bow.

Tora’Sor quickly jumped up, and spun around with her hand outstretched before anyone could fight. Every single ruffian flew backwards, some off their feet, and some off their horses. She was not going to let anyone die today, not even the bad guys. Moments after the impressive feat, she muttered something about overexerting herself, and collapsed.

While the Sisterhood operatives tended to Tora’Sor, Pelmarco and I collected the ruffians and tied them to trees. Tomorrow we will decide how to deal with them.