Pelthe 5, 5676

The Toram River basin is very different from the Icavor River basin, at least at this part of it. After crossing the small ridge that separates the two basins, we passed from the forests and plains of the Icavor River to the prairies and savannahs of the Toram River. It is here we will find the large herds of etagas, as well as many other strange beasts not found in other parts of the world. Pelmarco says hunting in this region will be harder since animals are more likely to see us approaching. I told him I can hunt just as well in any type of land.

We are probably about three hundred nura or more away from Sehol, which is only possible because we ride such fine horses. We also don’t have the Sisterhood operatives stopping to collect plants very often, since we won’t be stopping by any major towns for quite some time. They plan to only collect what we need for medicines, and right now, we don’t need any of those. I hope it stays that way.

One of the first things we noticed when we crossed into the Toram River basin were tall dirt mounds scattered around the land. They aren’t too common, and for a good reason. We made the mistake of walking too close to one of the mounds, thinking we might find something interesting. The ants living inside the mounds make the appetites of spoonfish pale in comparison, and pour out of the mounds to attack and eat anything that gets too close. We are fortunate we can outrun the ants, and managed to escape with just a few nasty bites.

Most animals will not go near the mounds. We did see some birds flit in and peck at a few ants before quickly flying away. Now we need to keep an eye out for these silent mounds of terror, and keep a wide berth. I wonder how long it will be before Krista’Mil decides to collect the ants for snacks. I would expect someone of her intelligence to have better sense, but when it comes to putting things in her mouth, sense is one thing she seems to be lacking.