Pelthe 30, 5676

We are at the western end of the Icavor Mountains. I was right; there is a decent pass between them and the Red Mountains, although the land is very hilly where the ridges meet. The Razhin Jungle, while we stand on a tall hill, looms ominously nearby, and appears as a darker color on the horizon. I know of no reason to fear the jungle, but I know of no one who ever ventured in to explore it. Even ships that sail along the shore of Etnyben know better than to beach the ship near the jungle for more than the most desperate reasons. The illnesses and diseases one can get in such hot, humid environments are very different from what we get in places like Bagda.

Pelmarco talks of man-eating plants in the jungle, and thinks it safest if we just burn our way through the jungle. I told him only an army would need to burn a path anywhere. Elendra’Tel expects wondrous discoveries of long lost ancient ruins, perhaps even the fabled Seven Cities of Lajolaine. Most legends claim the seven cities were in Sarda, but no one has found evidence to support that belief. Krista’Mil said something about finally having plenty of food, but stopped talking after several dirty looks from Pelmarco. I guess he too dislikes her feeding habits. Tora’Sor remains strangely quiet about her expectations of the jungle. I wonder if it has anything to do with the manuscripts given to her by the old crone on Perduva Urah. She has been looking over them more frequently lately.

Despite the foreboding dangers of the Razhin Jungle, I plan to follow its southern boundaries, and if possible, find a river to follow through it to the coast. Perhaps this would be the passage mentioned in prophecy. If not, I will continue my journey and explore other areas of Etnyben.