Pelthe 29, 5677

Considering how much we’ve been through in the past half year, the lack of excitement in the past few weeks is very relaxing. We’ve had no attackers, no spear-throwing in taverns, no hostage situations, and no ancient ruins since leaving Kaluna the second time. I think we’re just over a month away from Sehol, and make good progress every day. Pelmarco suggested we skip Sehol and go straight to the coast since we lost a month at Kaluna, but I don’t see any reason to change our course.

We are now well out of telef territory, and some of the plants are different from the ones they normally eat. They’re not picky, but sometimes it takes them awhile to try eating something new. I wonder if they somehow know the difference between what is and is not edible in their own territory. If so, new types of plants might leave them confused. Do they understand that we’re taking them far from their land, or is it just instinct that’s always kept them there?

Rar speared a jeket today. We saw the large cats lurking off in the distance several days ago, and they’ve been following us ever since, probably because of the number of other animals that tend to flock toward the telefs. After listening to several tales Pelmarco told about jekets attacking Red Exemplars, Rar had to test his luck. He ran off, purposely ignoring the warning to keep his back to the sun. He hoped to entice one to attack him, and succeeded. We watched from a distance as the jeket jumped to attack him. Krista’Mil tried singing something, and got the telefs to bellow loudly as they tried singing along. Hearing the telefs, Rar quickly turned, and just in time. His spear pierced the incoming jeket before it could react.

Pelmarco congratulated Rar for being one of the few people to survive and kill an attacking jeket. Krista’Mil wasn’t very happy. She said it was much too reckless. I know I’m impressed. Rar will probably end up wearing the skin soon, a valuable trophy of his skill and cunning.