Pelthe 2, 5677

We arrived at Kaluna today. The first thing Pelmarco did was find Tilendru and the local authorities. We have confession of the crime, but they should have the opportunity to investigate any other crimes the prisoners might have committed. Pelmarco also tasked Tilendru with traveling throughout the region to put an end to crime in general. I expect Tilendru is still unhappy about Pelmarco not permitting him to join our expedition and rejoin the Red Exemplars, but he accepted the assignment from Pelmarco. It seems former Red Exemplars grow weary of inactivity in their old age, and long for any adventure they can find even if it keeps them in their local region.

It turns out Rar was the talk of the town as soon as we left. The tale of a wild man from the jungle throwing his spear at a dartboard from across a crowded tavern spread through the city like wildfire. When the locals learned we were back in town, a large crowd gathered to see him. Even more amusing, several people in the crowd were holding up dartboards, probably trying to get him to throw his spear. I don’t think the prisoners liked it. I can only imagine their thoughts, tied to the tusks of the telefs, and surrounded by a loud crowd with dartboards. I think the woman we captured started crying.

Krista’Mil took Elendra’Tel to a doctor. I think they just wanted to make sure Pelmarco stitched it properly, and that it was actually getting better and not worse. I haven’t seen her have any noticeable problems in the past week, so I think she’s going to be fine. They had a nice, quiet day because of their doctor visit, and will return to the telefs when they’re done. The rest of us don’t have it so easy. The capture of the criminals was cause for celebration in the town, although I doubt the criminals had any serious affect on any of the townsfolk. That means Pelmarco, Rar, and I are now stuck at a feast. The food is good, the entertainment is good, and yes, they have Rar throwing his spear.