Pelthe 15, 5677

We’re back to the place where we chanced upon the criminals who preyed upon helpless travelers. Pelmarco suggested we search through the compound again to see if there was anything we missed previously, or if there were signs of anyone else involved in the criminal activities. However, all that remained of the house in the compound was a cold pile of ash. Someone, perhaps one of their smuggler contacts trying to destroy any evidence, must have burned it several weeks ago. Tracks come and go from the area, but Pelmarco decided we wouldn’t follow any of them. He’ll leave that for Tilendru.

I have a minor stomach illness tonight, so Rar and Krista’Mil volunteered to find and prepare our meal tonight. There was quite a resounding protest, which I expected considering what they fed us the last time we let them, but none of the rest of us are up to the task. I made sure to instruct them to bring back meat. I don’t know what they brought back since I slept through their return and preparation of the food, but it did include an odd tasting meat. They made starchy, white patties topped with the meat. I’m not sure if the patties were made from some type of insect or a root they dug up. It was a decent meal, but I told them not to tell me how they made it this time. What I don’t know won’t kill me, or so I hope.

Elendra’Tel is healing well. Pelmarco cut her stitches, and pulled out the threads tonight. Another month of healing, and all she’ll have is a scar. She just needs to continue taking it easy while the wound continues to heal. I asked if she had much difficulty mounting and dismounting her telef. She said it was minor if at all. She also admitted that she named her telef months ago. I’m not sure why, but she won’t tell me what she named it. I guess she only uses it loud enough for her telef to hear while she’s riding it. Now we just need Pelmarco and Krista’Mil to name their telefs.